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HAPPY COVER REVEAL: The Gods We Knew by Winnie Lyon

Image of an ebook reader and a paperback book featuring the cover of The Gods We Knew. The cover depicts the title text over a bust of a woman with blood dripping down her head and face. The bust is surrounded by a gold filagree border. Beside the books there is text that reads: Parliament (logo), Happy Cover Reveal, The Gods We Knew by Winnie Lyon, Coming 11.01.2022. Below the text there are four icons for online bookstores: Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Apple Books, and Kobo.

Prepare yourselves for the reveal of this stunning cover for The Gods We Knew by Winnie Lyon, a returning author with Parliament House Press! Follow Zella Armstrong as she sets out for her ideal college experience—looking forward to a typical campus life of classes, parties, and meeting new people. Little did she know that a supernatural encounter would leave her exposed for the witch that she is, breaking the most inviolable rules of her coven.

Keep an eye out and a stake sharpened for this tale of magic, mayhem, and vampires, coming to Parliament House on November 1, 2022! And don't forget to pre-order your copy, available at all of your favorite online retailers:


A cult of vampires. A coven of witches. A celestial war.

Zella Armstrong came to college expecting parties, girls, and new friends with no knowledge of her witchcraft. But when her best friend Summer is attacked by a group of vampires, she exposes her magic—the cardinal sin of her coven.

Yet the vampires aren’t merely ruthless killers. After a century of being forced to deliver new fledglings to the kingpins of a top-secret vampire compound, they’ve had their fill of innocent blood. And with Zella’s exposure interfering with the compound’s plans, its leaders place a bounty on her head. Refusing to watch another person fall prey to this centuries-old scheme, five rogue vampires decide to end it once and for all.

Zella, Summer, and the vampires team up to take down the compound, but the deeper they go, the murkier things get. Ancient secrets and divine betrayal unfold, and it becomes clear that no one is who they claim to be—or who they think they are. With her life and magic at stake, working with the vampires is Zella’s only chance at absolution. There’s darkness brewing beneath the surface, and she must prove it to her coven before it’s too late. Along the way, she might also spark a much-needed change in the witching world.

Between witchcraft, gods, and romance, the fate of magic itself depends on a handful of reckless college kids.


Winnie Lyon has been writing for nearly all of her life. Born and raised in Cincinnati

OH, she’s always written about bigger and brighter worlds than the Midwest. Her interests and her own writing style have been influenced by everything from the Magic Tree House to Shakespeare. She was a semi-finalist in the 2018 Overture Awards for her short stories, but she has always had an affinity for novels and worked towards seeing her longer work released. She is currently a student at Indiana University pursuing a degree in English, performing regularly in comedy shows and writing in her free time.

You can find the author on:

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