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HAPPY COVER REVEAL: The Rise and Fall (Wandering in Wonderland, #2) by Aislinn Honeycutt

Updated: Apr 21, 2021

The official cover reveal for Aislinn Honeycutt's sequel to Wandering in Wonderland is HERE and we have never been more ready to dive back through the looking glass!

✨THE RISE AND FALL re-introduces you to this topsy turvy retelling of Lewis Carrol with an LGBTQ+ twist!!!✨

Wonderland has changed since Jessica fell down the Rabbit Hole. The deck of cards is almost complete again, save for one card.

Jessica has a life in her hometown once again. Things are looking bright into the future until a woman with striking dark hair appears in the woods behind Jessica's house and she begins having strange dreams again; memories that don't belong pull at the corners of her mind and lead her down another path full of Jabberwock's and lemon grass.

What happens when the Spades rise again in this new age of Wonderland?

Get whisked away into the magical realm woven by the talented Aislinn Honeycutt in THE RISE AND FALL—out January 25, 2022. Celebrate the cover reveal and preorder your copy TODAY!

The Rise and Fall (Wandering in Wonderland, #2) by Aislinn Honeycutt

Haven't yet explored this gripping new twist on Wonderland? Pick up your copy of the first novel in the series, WANDERING IN WONDERLAND, to begin your adventure—now available on Kindle Unlimited!

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