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HAPPY COVER REVEAL: The Wolfden by Lillah Lawson

Happy cover reveal to author Lillah Lawson for THE WOLFDEN, the second installment in The Dead Rockstar Series! Catch up with Stormy Spooner as she navigates her newfound powers and the sudden confusion from being ghosted by her babe of a reanimated boyfriend, Phillip Deville. With mysterious disappearances and confrontation with her past looming, Stormy must decide her path forward...and risk losing everything in the process.

THE WOLFDEN is out February fifteenth, two-thousand twenty two! Show Lillah Lawson your support and pre-order your copy today!



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If Stormy Spooner thought she’d hit rock bottom before, she was wrong. Before she had fully healed from her bitter divorce, a chaotic turn of events left several people dead. Now, her reanimated boyfriend Phillip refuses to take her calls. Heartbroken and confused by her newfound powers, Stormy returns to work in an attempt to find her new normal.

When Roberta—the woman who broke up her marriage—turns up at her job, Stormy wants nothing more than to make her disappear. But Roberta comes seeking help only Stormy can provide: People are going missing, and Stormy’s unique abilities mean she’s the only one who might be able to bring them home.