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HAPPY COVER REVEAL: Zealot by Carla Lewis

Fall back into the throes of Nicole Fontane’s story as she continues on her journey to protect those she cares most about in The Blood and Sacrifice Chronicles. When Nicole reaches The Better Day Church, she is faced with only two options—both high stakes paths posing dangerous consequences that could ripple for the rest of her life.

C. Vonzale Lewis takes us on a thrilling ride through the enthralling world of cultists and demons as we get a glimpse into the true heart of human nature. With each second that passes, Nicole is faced with making a life altering decision. Will she use her magick to appease those around her? Or will she end up on the alter again?

Dive into the gritty world that author C. Vonzale Lewis has created in Zealot (The Blood and Sacrifice Chronicles, #2), coming to bookstores November 16, 2021! Pre-order your copy TODAY!

Nicole Fontane thought her demons were buried deep enough.

She was wrong.

A month ago, she and her crew barely escaped an evil cult of magick users and the blood oath they orchestrated—leaving their island vulnerable to further attack.

The Better Day Church is the one place to start ridding Tulare of the evil that plagues it, but the moment Nicole sets foot inside, memories resurface of an ancient religion deeply buried in the Louisiana bayou...along with an eerily familiar altar.

Now she’s forced to relive betrayal, the fight that almost cost her her life, and her demons making themselves known once more.

Nicole’s choices are limited: Either she uses her rare form of earth magick to appease the Young family and create a new god...or end up on the altar again.

If she can’t vanquish the demons from her past once and for all, her fate is not the only one on the line.


In addition to the cover reveal for Zealot, we are also excited to announce that Lineage is also getting a pretty new cover!

Nicole Fontane believed she could avoid Magick.

She was wrong.

With less than $200 in the bank and rent due, Nicole is forced to take a job at Tribec Insurance. She discovers her new employer, The Stewart Family, has an unhealthy obsession with Egyptian culture and a high turnover rate. However, there is one bonus to taking the job—rekindling her friendship with her estranged friend, Marta.

Unknown to Nicole, the moment she set foot inside Tribec Insurance, she became a pawn. A sinister force has set its sights on her and will stop at nothing to use her in an eerie, sadistic game. What she uncovers is that her new employers are practicing Blood Magick—the deadliest of the five principles. When Nicole attempts to warn her, she learns that Marta, along with her four children, have gone missing. With time running out, Nicole must set aside her fear of Magick and work with a group of Mage level vigilantes.

If not, she risks losing Marta and her children to an old god in an archaic blood ritual forever.

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world that C. Vonzale Lewis has created in Lineage. Pick up your copy TODAY!

Carla Vonzale Lewis likes her martinis shaken, never stirred. Living in Northern California with her very supportive husband, Carla spends her time writing stories to share with readers. When she is not writing, Carla enjoys reading, binge watching shows on Netflix, and making attempts to convince her husband that getting a dog is a wonderful idea.

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