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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Broken (Stolen, #2), by Marlena Frank

A kingdom has fallen, and an escape was made... But at what price?

Today we venture back into the kingdom of the Garden with Shaleigh Mallet and her band of misfits in bestselling author Marlena Frank's BROKEN, the highly-anticipated sequel in the Stolen Series.

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Broken (Stolen, #2), by Marlena Frank

A landhas fallen. An escape was made. It’s a victory, but at what price?

Shaleigh has made a terrible mistake, one she may not ever be able to fix. Lost and in a strange land with anger and death all around her, she must navigate her way through treacherous lands on her quest for redemption. Along the way she’ll have to negotiate with the mercurial Queen of the Fae, survive the dangers of the Masked King’s realm, and seek out a terrifying fire dragon.

With two powerful beings hot on her trail, Shaleigh has no choice but to keep moving, or else face the dangerous magic of the Madness that has already caused so much pain and heartache. With her sights on helping her friends and her heart longing for home, Shaleigh is determined, but will it be enough?

Book 2 of the Stolen Series! 

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