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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Dead Rockstar by Lillah Lawson

Stormy Spooner is your average heartbroken, atheist, vegan, librarian—that is until she decides to try her hand at necromancy. After unearthing a cryptic set of lines from a dusty album cover, Stormy tries the impossible: to resurrect Phillip Deville, enigmatic former frontman of the Bloomer Demons. When Phillip shows up at her door, Stormy is whisked on an adventure that is out of this world, but it turns out that Phillip might not be the only thing that crawled out of whatever hole he came from.

Find out what happens by taking a leap of faith into Lillah Lawson's rockin' rollick, DEAD ROCKSTAR—OUT TODAY!

Don't forget, if you go and vote, send us proof by either tagging us or DMing us on any of our social media platforms. We will send you an exclusive code for getting out the vote: 20% off your copy of Dead Rockstar.* More details HERE!

Buy your copy at Parliament House Press!


You can order Dead Rockstar at these other retailers**:

*Discount code only valid on the Parliament House Press website.

**get out the vote discount only applies to books purchased on the Parliament House Press website.

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