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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: I Walk Alone (The Phantasmer Cycle, #2) by Wren Handman

Today we are excited to bring you I WALK ALONE, the gripping next installment in Wren Handman's stunning The Phantasmer Cycle. A stunning YA fantasy with heart, humour, and otherworldly political intrigue. Fans of Michelle Madow and Elise Kova will devour Wren Handman’s The Phantasmer Cycle—beginning with IN RESTLESS DREAMS.

Follow Sylvia as she navigates the trials of two worlds—both this and the world of Fairy—and continues to discover her own power in I WALK ALONE by Wren Handman—NOW available wherever books are sold!

The Parliament House

Haven't yet tumbled into Wren Handman's scintillating world of Fairy? Now is your chance to snag the first in The Phantasmer Cycle, IN RESTLESS DREAMS—now available on Kindle Unlimited or for purchase for a limited time at $1.99!


As the Phantasmer, Sylvia brought order to the Fairy courts. Now if only she could do the same to her own life...

It’s been three months since Sylvia used her powers to rewrite the ruling structure of Fairy, dismantling the Seelie and Unseelie courts. Recovered from her injuries, she’s back at school and struggling to balance her “real” life against the much more immediate (and exciting) world that magic has to offer. Not to mention the distraction of her utterly hot and completely fish-out-of-water boyfriend.

But in Fairy, there are rumblings that an ancient prophecy is about to come to pass. “Beware the coming of the one who should not have been, for he shall bring with him the end of days. Take back the mantle, or all will be lost.” Will Sylvia be able to uncover the truth behind the prophecy, learn how to use her ever-growing powers without risking her relationship, and convince her best friend Fiona that it’s not weird that her boyfriend is a thousand years old? It won’t be easy.


Wren Handman is a novelist and screenwriter living in soggy Vancouver, which gives her plenty of time to curl up in front of a computer.

She primarily writes young adult fiction and fantasy novels. In her screenwriting, her emphasis is on the real world with a touch of fantastical. She believes that what we see in media impacts how we see the world, and she hopes to make that view brighter.

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