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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Playing Cupid, a Contemporary YA debut from author S. C. Alban

Release day is finally here, and we are so excited to bring readers this enchanting young adult debut from S. C. Alban—Playing Cupid! Megan Cooper has built a wall around her heart. Her mother’s death has caused her to close herself off from all that life has to give. But a chance encounter puts her in debt to Cupid himself—an accident that injures his arm making it impossible for him to fulfill his role in fated love. Can she help him fire his famous arrow and, in the process, learn to tear down her own walls as well?

Follow Megan as she learns to heal her heart and journey through a new perspective in this beautiful debut young adult novel about loss, hope, and opening new doors. PLAYING CUPID by S. C. Alban is out TODAY. Order your copy NOW!



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The Parliament House

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