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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Playing Cupid, a Contemporary YA debut from author S. C. Alban

Release day is finally here, and we are so excited to bring readers this enchanting young adult debut from S. C. Alban—Playing Cupid! Megan Cooper has built a wall around her heart. Her mother’s death has caused her to close herself off from all that life has to give. But a chance encounter puts her in debt to Cupid himself—an accident that injures his arm making it impossible for him to fulfill his role in fated love. Can she help him fire his famous arrow and, in the process, learn to tear down her own walls as well?

Follow Megan as she learns to heal her heart and journey through a new perspective in this beautiful debut young adult novel about loss, hope, and opening new doors. PLAYING CUPID by S. C. Alban is out TODAY. Order your copy NOW!

For the past five years, seventeen-year-old Megan Cooper has built a wall around her heart with little room to experience true feelings. Her mother's passing has left her family fractured, driving a wedge between her and her father that has only gotten deeper with time. The only solution: graduate high school early and get out of Dodge.

With one final standing between her and the rest of her life, Megan is paired with a Home Economics partner who seems destined to dump all the work on her. Constantly bailing at the last minute, with more excuses than she can keep track of, Jay Michaels seems determined to ruin her plan.

That is, until she hits Cupid with her car. With his shooting arm significantly injured, Megan has no choice but to take his place. As she races to find Cupid’s final three love matches in order to meet his quota by the start of the new year, she comes face to face with the very emotions she’s been pushing away for so long.

Caught between what her head is saying and what her heart longs for, Megan must face old wounds, find forgiveness, and track down the perfect match for the one boy with all the excuses.

This YA debut is a touching and heartwarming shot through the heart for teen and adult readers alike!


A San Francisco-based author since 2010, SC now lives in the quirky PNW and loves every minute of it. An award-winning playwright, she's also a staff writer for the growing production company, Theme Parkology, and creates documentaries and podcast programs.

Likes: Fun socks, tattoos, predictable romance novels, gardening, art, everything rainbow, boating, and Nirvana (okay, that last one is a LOVE).

Dislikes: The feel of newsprint on my fingers, Twizzlers, using a hammer, ironing, litter, cold soups, fluorescent lighting, and Good and Plenty.

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