• Malorie Nilson

HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Shades of the City by Danielle K. Roux

Today marks the celebrated release of SHADES OF THE CITY author Danielle K. Roux’s sequel to THIS WILL KILL THAT in the well regarded Shades of the City Series.

Welcome back to District City—a place where the past haunts its citizens and monsters ravage what’s left. Follow Alan and Kazuki as they cleave ever tighter together and continue their journey through the city into the heart of her secrets. Can the newcomer, Tanith, help them on this self-guided mission? Or will the voices in her head and her mysterious origins prove to be insurmountable? Discover what nefarious plots Calen—a murderous villain—has lurking within his heart and mind.

Revel in found family and discover new friends and fiends in SHADES OF THE CITY by Danielle K. Roux! Pick up your copy today: