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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: The Curse of the King by Winnie Lyon

When young witch Laura Wilson is ironically cast against her will in her school's rendition of Macbeth, she is determined to break the curse that's long plagued her family. Things go awry when, instead, she manages to summon her long-dead magical relative—Cecily Wilson, one of the three witches who'd cursed Macbeth himself.

Be ready to dive into this magic-filled adventure of Shakespearean proportions with THE CURSE OF THE KING, available TODAY!


Grab your copy now:

Laura Wilson is the heir to an ancient curse.

As a young witch descending from the very powerful trio of witches that had cursed Macbeth, the pressure she faces daily is non-stop. When Laura is forced to participate in her school’s rendition of the classic play, she gives herself a single task: breaking the curse once and for all.

This task proves itself to be more difficult than she ever could have imagined when a miscast spell leads to the summoning of her dead ancestor, Cecily Wilson, one of the very witches that cursed Macbeth.

As Laura attempts to send her resurrected relative back beyond the veil, she is faced with one of the harsh realities of high school—having a crush on her best friend, Holly. However, things only get more complicated as Holly pines after Peter, a lonely, quick-witted vampire.

While she grows closer to Cecily, Laura sees first-hand the true horrors of being a witch in Elizabethan England as demonic forces arise in her little town of Shipley Hollow.

Can Laura break the curse and save her family name before the curtains rise on opening night?

Brought to you by Winnie Lyon, The Curse of the King is an action-packed novel with mysterious and magical twists at every turn.


Winnie Lyon has been writing for nearly all of her 18 years. Born and raised in Cincinnati

OH, she’s always written about bigger and brighter worlds than the Midwest. Her interests and her own writing style have been influenced by everything from the Magic Tree House to Shakespeare. She was a semi-finalist in the 2018 Overture Awards for her short stories, but she has always had an affinity for novels and worked towards seeing her longer work released. She is currently a student at Indiana University pursuing a degree in English, performing regularly in comedy shows and writing in her free time.

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