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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: The Ender by Heather Kindt

Fall back into the throes of Laney Holden’s story as she continues on her journey through The Weaver Trilogy. She must continue on her journey to save the lives that she has created and weave together the threads of the stories she has written. But when The Wanderer sends most of The Golden Recluse back into their books, Laney must rush to save each of them from the consequences of their own writing.

Jumping through portal fantasy and the power of the creative mind, Heather Kindt takes us through the multitude of worlds that books create and open for us—the reader—and the power that the author of these stories wields. With each second that passes, the threat of the Wanderer’s pen threatens to end the Weavers. Will Laney prevail against all odds?

Immerse yourself in the ravishing world of The Weaver Trilogy in this, the third installment, THE ENDER by Heather Kindt—out TODAY. Order your copy NOW!

Most villains meet a likely doom by the end of their book… most villains are not Enders.

With the power of the codex, the Wanderer sends most of the Golden Recluse into their books and Laney must rush to save them from their own writing. With William, she crosses the page into a horror novel filled with bloodthirsty birds, a romance paperback where, to their dismay, they become the main characters, and a children’s picture book that’s not as innocent as it seems. With each second that passes, the threat of the Wanderer’s pen threatens to end the Weavers.

With everything at stake, Laney realizes that she’s part of something bigger, and it all comes down to a choice that the Wanderer has always wanted her to make: Will she save the man she loves, or the family she’s only just discovered?


Heather Kindt grew up in New Hampshire where her love for the past grew by being immersed in the history of New England. She incorporated this colonial time period into her Weaver trilogy. Every piece of history from Nathaniel Hawthorne to clockcase necklaces was researched for the books.

With her free time, Heather enjoys taking long hikes to clear her head. One of her favorite hikes is by the small town of Victor past abandoned gold mines. Like Laney, she imagines the people of the past living and working as if they were there today. Heather also likes reading and beating her kids at Uno.

Today, she lives in the mountains of present-day Colorado with her husband, Tom, and two teenagers. Heather is an elementary school teacher, which gives her plenty of ideas for her writing. In 2008, she decided to not only teach writing, but to start writing herself when she wrote her first book. As life got in the way, it sat on her computer for seven years—pretty sad.

In 2017, Heather won first place in the Dan Alatorre’s Word Weaver Contest with her book Ruby Slips and Poker Chips: The Modern Tale of Dorothy Gale. She enjoys writing humorous fiction and young adult paranormal romance. Check out what is going on in Heather’s writing world at or follow her on Facebook or Twitter.

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