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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: The Rarkyn's Familiar by Nikky Lee!

Thou shalt not deal in foreign magic...

It's the Empire's first law of magic. Lyss has seen it, breathed it, smelled it first hand. But knowing won’t keep her safe in the mountains. Knowing won't undo a blood-pact with a rarkyn—an avian chimera from the Otherworld—or stop its magic from eating her mind.

Knowing won’t save her.

Join us today for this exciting and long-awaited release! Dive into author Nikky Lee's thrilling world of magic and mayhem in The Rarkyn's Familiar! Available wherever books are sold. Order your copy TODAY!


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The Rarkyn's Familiar is a spectacular, new epic fantasy by Nikky Lee released in paperback and hardcover today, April 19, 2022! Did you miss the pre-order campaign? You can still take your quiz to see which rarkyn you are paired with!