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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: The Swansong Conspiracy by Nick Vossen

Weirdness is in their blood.

Jump into this topsy-turvy mystery and follow the Swansong Twins, Quincy and Lilly, as they are forced to flee their hometown of New Orleans and lead on a wild goose chase through the supernatural and the southern United States. Trapped between an international conspiracy and a family legacy, the Swansong twins must uncover the secret that will crack the mystery at the heart of their heritage—and possibly even the world—wide open.

Don't wait to delve into this electrifying debut. The Swansong Conspiracy by Nick Vossen is out TODAY!

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Weirdness is in their blood.

After a near cataclysmic worldwide event shook the foundations of society and unleashed numerous supernatural hazards onto the Earth, twins Quincy and Lilly just want to lead their lives as normally as possible. However, this proves to be quite difficult. The twins are the heirs of legendary horror writer and occultist W.A. Swansong, who has been declared a prophet now that many of his gruesome creations appear to really exist.

When a mysterious inheritance falls into the twins’ hands, a strange and violent secret organization becomes hell-bent on finding them. Quincy and Lilly are forced to flee their hometown of New Orleans, leading them on a wild, supernatural chase throughout the southern United States. With only a handful of allies and a trapped Fire Vampire named Tim, the twins uncover a great mystery tied to their inheritance, the source of all pandemonium, and even the true origins of mankind.

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