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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: The Watcher (Weaver Trilogy, #2), by Heather Kindt

Words lift off pages and stories come alive once more in Heather Kindt's enchanting follow up to her series starter, The Weaver. Today, we rejoin Laney as she sends William back to colonial Massachusetts. Problems arise further than missing him when her story begins to write itself!

Catch your copy of The Watcher today on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or The Parliament Shoppe.

Haven't read Book One? Start today with The Weaver.

The Watcher (Weaver Trilogy, #2), by Heather Kindt

Most protagonists are heroes confined to the pages of a book . . . most heroes are not Watchers.

When Laney sends William home to be healed by his father, she thinks she will never see him again. After all, his home is in colonial Massachusetts in the story she wrote last year. But when William’s words and actions mysteriously begin to appear on her page, she wonders if she’s lost all control over her characters and their stories.

William will fight through the war around him, again and again, to reach the woman he loves, going against her desire to keep him safe. With the Gate Keeper on William’s side of the page working for The Wanderer, a woman determined to eradicate the Weavers, he must find a way to keep head-strong Laney out of the book, even if it means working with his archenemy, Jonas Webb.

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