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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Tidepool by Nicole Willson

Happy cover reveal to author Nicole Willson for her stunning debut, TIDEPOOL! Dive into the Lovecraftian atmosphere of the titular town and become embroiled in the fascinating and mysterious lives of this brilliant cast of original characters. We can't wait for readers to get lost amid the pages!


Follow Sorrow as we are led through Nicole Willson's unsettling yet magical TIDEPOOL—out TODAY! Order your copy at any of your favorite online retailers:


If ye give not willingly, the Lords will rise…

In 1913, Henry Hamilton disappears while on a business trip, and his sister, Sorrow, won’t rest until she finds him. Defying her father’s orders to remain at home, she travels to Tidepool, the last place Henry visited.

Residents of the small, shabby oceanside town can’t quite meet Sorrow’s eyes when she questions them about Henry. When corpses wash up on shore looking as if they’ve been torn apart by something not quite human, Sorrow is ready to return to Baltimore and let her father send in the professional detectives.

Then, she meets Mrs. Ada Oliver, a widow whose black silk dresses and elegant manners set her apart from other Tidepool residents. After a terrifying encounter involving Mrs. Oliver, Sorrow discovers Tidepool’s dark, deadly secret, and the town’s denizens—human and otherwise—are hell bent on making sure she never leaves.

Atmospheric, riveting, and frightening, Tidepool is a must read Lovecraftian dark fantasy for those who pursue the truth no matter the personal cost.


Nicole Willson lives in Virginia with her husband, a rotating cast of cats, and a pile of to-be-read books that is frequently high enough to be life threatening. She has been a frequent visitor to small coastal towns located along the Eastern shore but has yet to see anything truly alarming emerge from those waters, much to her disappointment.

She is currently a publications editor and has also been a web content specialist and an editorial assistant. She fulfilled a longtime dream of competing on “Jeopardy!” in 2011, although she did not fulfill her longtime dream of being a Jeopardy champion, alas.

A member of the Horror Writers Association, Nicole has contributed flash fiction to various publications and frequently attends writing workshops around the country. She cannot remember a time when she wasn’t writing, but when she picked up a cousin’s battered copy of Dracula one summer, her passion for horror and dark fantasy was born. She is a seven-time NaNoWriMo winner. Her interests in Lovecraftian horror and American Horror Story gave her the ideas that eventually developed into Tidepool.

You can learn more about Nicole’s short fiction and read about her obsessions with What We Do in the Shadows and The Sims at

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