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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Unleashed (Unspoken, #3) by Celia McMahon

Izzy is back, and this princess is ready to claim her victory with claws and teeth and steel. Izzy finds herself once again fighting for her life and friends while in the midst of a conflict that can determine the course of all of their fates. Caught between demons and gods, Izzy must forsake the world that she knew, tear it asunder, and from the ashes build something new and stronger than ever before—a kingdom without demons or wolves.

Unleashed, the third in the Unspoken Series by Celia McMahon is out TODAY! What are you waiting for? Order your copy now!



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Parliament House Press

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In celebration of the release of UNLEASHED, you can now pick up the first two books in the Unspoken Series at a discount—Unspoken for $1.99 and Uncaged for $2.99. Have you not yet delved into this world fraught with peril, power struggles, and a precocious heroine? Now is the perfect opportunity to delve into Izzy’s tale and unwind all of the fantastical mysteries for yourself!