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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Unleashed (Unspoken, #3) by Celia McMahon

Izzy is back, and this princess is ready to claim her victory with claws and teeth and steel. Izzy finds herself once again fighting for her life and friends while in the midst of a conflict that can determine the course of all of their fates. Caught between demons and gods, Izzy must forsake the world that she knew, tear it asunder, and from the ashes build something new and stronger than ever before—a kingdom without demons or wolves.

Unleashed, the third in the Unspoken Series by Celia McMahon is out TODAY! What are you waiting for? Order your copy now!

In celebration of the release of UNLEASHED, you can now pick up the first two books in the Unspoken Series at a discount—Unspoken for $1.99 and Uncaged for $2.99. Have you not yet delved into this world fraught with peril, power struggles, and a precocious heroine? Now is the perfect opportunity to delve into Izzy’s tale and unwind all of the fantastical mysteries for yourself!

Pick up your copies of Unspoken and Uncaged TODAY!



“I will claim my victory with claws and teeth and steel.”

In the wake of her battle to protect the Den, Izzy has crossed back into Stormwall to enact her plan with the former prince, Ashe, to retake the kingdom from within. Only weeks go by with no word from the prince and Izzy is faced once again with Ashe’s betrayal. She is forced to make alternate plans with a group of rebels to kill both king and prince.

But the world has always bent at odd angles for the wolf-princess. On the day of their battle, things don’t go as planned and Izzy finds herself once again fighting for her life and friends. In the chaos that follows, Izzy and her rebels lose Stormwall into the hands of the Gwylis.

When Izzy discovers that the king had been turning children into wolves, she embarks on a journey that will take her deeper into Mirosa to both save innocent lives and continue her brother Henry’s take of breaking the Gwylis curse. While battling her own demons, her friends have continued the path of their own destinies, each weaving together for one final battle. With the Uncanny’s power growing stronger there is more at stake than ever. Amidst demons and gods, Izzy must aim to break apart the world she knew, to build something even better in its place. A kingdom without demons or wolves. A new kingdom.


Celia Mcmahon is a devourer of books and coffee. She's the best selling author of the YA fantasy UNSPOKEN, with two more books on the way in the series. If she’s not busy buying more books than she can read or discovering new ways of being tired, you can find her scouring the world army-wife style for book ideas.

You can find Celia on:

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