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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Zealot (Blood & Sacrifice Chronicles, #2) by C. Vonzale Lewis

Updated: Apr 8, 2022

It is finally here! The anticipated release of the second installment of the Blood & Sacrifice Chronicles by C. Vonzale Lewis—ZEALOT—has finally arrived.

Fall back into the throes of Nicole Fontane’s story as she continues on her journey to protect those she cares most about. When Nicole reaches The Better Day Church, she is faced with only two options—both high stakes paths posing dangerous consequences that could ripple for the rest of her life.

C. Vonzale Lewis takes us on a thrilling ride through a world of cultists and demons as we get a glimpse into the true heart of human nature. With each second that passes, Nicole is faced with making a life altering decision. Will she use her magick to appease those around her? Or will she end up on the alter again?

Dive into the gritty world that author C. Vonzale Lewis has created in Zealot (The Blood and Sacrifice Chronicles, #2), available NOW wherever books are sold!

Haven't yet taken the leap into the Blood & Sacrifice Chronicles? Start with book one, LINEAGE, available everywhere books are sold! And for a limited time, you can get the ebook for just $1.99 and on Kindle Unlimited! Don't miss out on this special release month discount.


Nicole Fontane thought her demons were buried deep enough. She was wrong.

After barely escaping the blood bath of the Harvest ritual, Nicole and her vigilante compatriots learn that there are others practicing blood magick on Tulare Island.

Hired to rid the island of the remaining blood magick users, Nicole and her allies come face to face with The Better Day Church and the mysterious Young Family, whose nefarious behavior is well known on the island. The murky organization stirs old memories of a cult buried deep in the Louisiana bayou—flickers of Nicole’s traumatic past and the altar she barely escaped.

But when Nicole receives an invitation to the Young family’s private residence to attend a secret meeting with The Daughters of the Vine—an elusive sect of women led by Gavina Young—she knows there is no escaping her fraught history with cults.

The invite is clearly a trap, but it’s also an opportunity to take down the church. Nicole soon learns that the sickness lurking behind the walls of the Young family’s manor runs far deeper than the banal allure of blood magick. The church’s matriarch harbors a predatory interest in Nicole’s power—barely disguising her desire to harness it.

Nicole must unravel the mysteries of her newfound abilities, or her first job may be her last. Worst of all, she may end up on the altar again.


Carla Vonzale Lewis likes her martinis shaken, never stirred. Living in Southern California with her very supportive husband, Carla spends her time writing stories to share with readers. When she is not writing, Carla enjoys reading, binge watching shows on Netflix, and making attempts to convince her husband that getting a dog is a wonderful idea.

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