• Malorie Nilson

HOLIDAY HEARTH STORIES: On the Third Day of Storymas, Parliament Gave to Me...

As we push past the halfway mark in our five days of festive fictions, we bring to you more ghost stories and holiday hauntings. Though we have had laughs and chills, the stories below bring us to the more melancholy. Today is the solstice, the shortest day of the year, and the beginning of the Yule season for me and many others. While it is a season for celebration, the midwinter is also a time for reflection. Light a candle, grab a comforting treat; as you read these tales, know that I wish you a bright solstice.

In the spirit of celebration, it is also time to announce the next winner in our Holiday Giveaway series! Congratulations to Justine (@__its_justine__) on being our selected winner for today! Justine will be the recipient of one Parliament House exclusive Rollerball Perfume made by our lovely partner store, Books n Bubbles!