In Conversation with's CHRISTINA ORLANDO’s Books Editor and Publicity Coordinator Christina Orlando has graciously joined us in conversation about their experiences working in the publishing industry, their time with, and more.

Tell us a little about yourself. What made you want to work in publishing? How long have you been working in the industry?

I really always loved books, but I was told from a very young age that it was just a hobby and not a job. I internalized a lot of the narrative around English majors and artists — that art didn't sell, an English degree was only good for teaching, and I needed to find something practical to do. I left college and went into digital marketing, mostly social media and e-mail, which was fine but ultimately unfulfilling. I wasn't being creatively challenged. Eventually I left and started my own business, a subscription box for books and tea. Thatwas my first real introduction to how publishing worked, and suddenly I started learning about all the different jobs that were available to me and all the different ways books were made. It was really a formative experience, and I made a lot of great connections through that work. At the same time, I started writing for Book Riot and working with that team. Once I had a better idea of how the industry worked and what the individual publisher/imprint identities were like, it made finding a job a little easier. But I've really only been in 'publishing' for two years.

What has your experience with been like? Specifically as Books Editor & Publicity Coordinator. Are there any titles you’re particularly proud to have worked on? Are there any upcoming titles you find to be standouts?

I really love my job, and I feel very lucky every day. I tell them this a lot. I love my team, the website writers are the smartest people I know. I'm thankful to be around people who understand me, who I can be weird with and who have the same nerdy frames of reference that I do. I'm really proud of the work we do.