• Malorie Nilson

In Conversation with Voice Actor and Audiobook Narrator, KRYS JANAE

Photo by Angela Cronin

Recently I was privileged to sit in conversation with Krys Janae, an American-Filipina author, musician, voice-over artist, actress, graphic designer, gamer and geek from central California. She has been working with author Brianna Sugalaski to bring to life the audiobook for Disenchanted (Disenchanted, #1). From our respective offices, we discussed audiobook narration, project workflow, and what exactly goes into the process of working on an audiobook.

MALORIE NILSON: Can you talk a little bit about your professional experience? How did you get involved in audiobook narration? As evidenced by the excellent audiobooks you have done, you do voice work, but does your background extend beyond audiobooks?

KRYS JANAE: Hi! Thank you so much for having me!

I lost my job in 2016, which was a huge blow since it was due to health reasons. I had no idea what I was going to do from there. In that time, I toyed with the idea of going back to school for writing. I did some soul searching for a while, and worked on my books with graphic design as a freelance hobby. One author I’d met through design told me about her series being successful as audiobooks. I didn’t know much about it since the only audiobooks I’d been exposed to were the ones on tape that my best friend’s mom would listen to when we all went on trips together. I figured it was only an in-studio gig, which meant it was an unattainable career goal for me given my situation at the time.

I’d mentioned to the client