In Conversation with Writer's Digest's CASSIE LIPP

Writer’s Digest Managing Editor Cassie Lipp has graciously joined us in conversation about her experiences with Writer’s Digest, her writing, and more.

Writer’s Digest is such a wonderful resource for both seasoned and aspiring writers. Give us a brief overview of your journey with WD and how you ascended to the position of Managing Editor.

It’s kind of a funny story. I graduated from college with a degree in English and journalism. Then I spent the next two years freelance writing and teaching creative writing while applying for jobs. I didn’t expect it to take nearly that long to find full-time work, but I’m glad that I continued to build my portfolio rather than taking whatever job I could get to pay the bills because I worked on some pretty amazing projects during that time. I was hired by the photographer Mike Spitz to write the text of Queen City Records, a coffee table book about the record stores of Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky. Mike isn’t a writer himself, so he needed a writer local to Cincinnati to go to all the stores and interview the owners. He self-published that book at the end of 2017. I also began my own literary zine with a friend from college because I knew I wanted to work in publishing but didn’t exactly know how to break into that industry living in a town with zero publishing jobs.