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LUCKY 13 GIVEAWAY: 13 E-Books from the Writers of Comedic SF/F

Remember a few weeks ago, when Double-Crossing the Bridge author, Sarah J. Sover interviewed with our Blog Maven? We introduced her wonderfully whacky (or belligerently bizarre) group for comedic authors, The Writers of Comedic Science Fiction & Fantasy... Or, as they're known on Facebook, the Secret Society of Funny F*cks.

This week, they're hosting a 13 e-book giveaway, including titles by Sarah J. Sover, Sean Gibson, and more!

TO ENTER: Follow @comedic_SFF on Instagram and "like" their giveaway post.

EXTRA ENTRIES: Follow @Comedic_SFF on Twitter and enter there for a max of four entries.

The 1st Place Winner will get first pick of FIVE of the hilarious listed titles, and TWO Runners Up will split the remaining eight. Winners will be chosen at random on Saturday 9/22 at 9am EST!

Best of luck to you, and be sure to follow them on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook!

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