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M. DALTO ON TOUR| Penning a Prophecy: The Inspiration Behind The Empire Saga

This week, author M. Dalto is taking over the blog to share her inspirations behind and motivations to keep writing The Empire Saga. The third in the series, Beginning’s End, was released yesterday, September 7th. Follow Alexstrayana as she grapples with her unexpected return to the Empire—something she never thought would occur after the life-altering events in the Borderlands. Defying expectations—her own and the Empire’s—she returns to delve into profound power and endeavor to protect her family. Read on in this thrIlling new entry of The Empire Saga!

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With the release of ​Beginning’s End, it has occurred to me that I’m one book closer to the end of The Empire Saga. If you had asked me three years ago when I first signed my contract with The Parliament House how I would feel when this day came, I’d probably have said excited and hopeful and accomplished. But right now, with just over a year until the last book is released, I’m feeling something totally and completely different.


Since Two Thousand Years released in December of 2018, a passionate fanbase has emerged, and the pressure has been on to keep them satisfied with each story that’s released. Even with Beginning’s End, which may be my favorite release of the series to date, I was terrified that only I would think it was a favorable addition to the series (and this may still be the case). But be that as it may, because this is a series with numerous characters and multiple points-of-view and many plot points that still need to be tied up in a neat little bow by the end of the last book, I’m incredibly nervous I’m going to miss something and let my readers down.

Not to mention, I still need to write it.

Unfortunately, the way of the world lately has been making writing for myself far more difficult than it ever has been before, and these last six months have been the hardest for me creatively than they ever were since I began writing.