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NEW COVER: Happy Cover Re-release to The Half-Class by Kayvion Lewis

As the release day for Kayvion Lewis' glittering debut, THE HALF-CLASS inches closer, it is our honor to share with you this exciting new cover with this exclusive cover-reveal event! Every book and every author has a unique publishing journey, and we like to think that this one was extra special. Dive into the glittering colored glass that beckons you in to explore the story further. What could it hearken? Stay tuned next week for a sneak peek to see if you can puzzle it out!

Get lost in the thrilling and heart-rending world of THE HALF-CLASS—available for preorder NOW and coming to bookshelves everywhere September 28, 2021.


A thrilling, ambitious debut that will appeal to fans of Ayana Gray’s BEASTS OF PREY and Kalynn Bayron’s CINDERELLA IS DEAD.

By day, Evie is an outcast, a half-class. Too dark for the illustrious light class, and too fair for the lowly dark class, she is forced to walk the edge of the street with her head down and her paperwork ready.

By night, she rebels, burning down municipal buildings and raiding shops with her fellow half-classes by her side. It’s a dangerous life, but it’s simple—or it used to be. When Prince Cass walks into her aunt’s brothel, life becomes more complicated. Evie and the prince inadvertently hit it off, and her fellow rebels see a golden opportunity. Having a girl near the prince is the perfect way to find out exactly what the king is planning for the half-class. And unfortunately for Evie, that girl is her.

Day by day, Evie grows closer to Prince Cass, who’s far more charming than he should be, while the rebels use her information to strike back against his father. But the half-classes are turning ravenous in their retaliation.

Soon, they'll want blood—the blood of someone Evie might be starting to love.


“An ambitious and immersive fantasy tale.”

- Kirkus Reviews


Kayvion Lewis is a part-time librarian, part-time author, and a full-time day-dreamer. When she's not writing or doing other important things, she's throwing knives, reading, and occasionally jumping out of airplanes. She doesn't have a spouse, a cute dog, or a residence in the suburbs she can mention; just a couple cats and a roommate. You can find her somewhere in Louisiana.

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