• Malorie Nilson

October Horoscopes: What book is in your stars?

We are coming off of a fiery full moon in Aries and heading towards the new moon that gives us space for a moment before we turn toward the blue full moon on Halloween. This month is weighty with lunar energy, perfect for those Halloween vibes, but also it gives us something to work with as we continue to navigate Mars retrograde.

Yesterday, October ninth, Mars squared Pluto and is the second of three squares for this month. This square isn’t quite as weighty as the Mars/Saturn we saw earlier in the month, but it still brings some challenges—particularly revealing the power struggles, structures, and abuses we are up against. We may be unable to find any immediate solutions to the whole of these struggles, but it is good to turn our face toward long-term strategies.

The rest of the month brings moments of light, like today when Venus trines Uranus and brings some positive and fun energy full of little pleasures. We are in Libra season, and that can be full of unexpected and fun energy. And even the new moon’s energy that is really driving home the necessity of letting go.

All of these astral events are asking us to utilize th