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READ THE FIRST TWO CHAPTERS: Starfall (The Starlight Chronicles, #0.2) by P.S. Malcolm

Centuries have passed since Adrina's death, and Julian—now Jason—has dedicated himself to redemption in her honour. She and the Starlight Princess have been reincarnated, and Julian must face his haunted past in P.S. Malcolm's second Starlight Chronicles novella, STARFALL, out this August!






THE ICY WIND TORE AT MY COAT, BUT IT DIDN’T BOTHER ME. I’d been numb for years—I didn’t feel anything anymore.

We’d been on foot for days now. Brinley led us through the treacherous mountain pass—myself, and two other royal army members. I called them by their last names, Greyson and Beaumont.

We were just a handful of the few military members who had remained in the Starlight Kingdom after Theodore claimed the throne. It had been our mission ever since to and the angels,who had fled and gone into hiding. Clever beings, they were—and insanely hard to track down.

The majority of the Starlight Kingdom’s army had been made up of angels before the overthrowing. They were elite beings with ancient ties to Goddess Titania. We suspected their loyalty to her and the Starlighters was what had caused them to flee—after all, the treaty had banished Urenphian kind after Shade had murdered Titania. For Urenphians to now be ruling Titania's domain was treacherous.

Tiny flakes of snow battered us, catching in my eyelashes, but I pushed on. Maybe once, I’d have dreaded taking a step further, but since that terrible day three years ago, my desires were empty to the core.

Nothing mattered anymore except one thing.

“Hand me that,” Brinley said to Greyson. He was a short man—thin and in his middle thirties. He was holding our only lantern as the others had burnt out a few hours ago. The wind was picking up, and the mountains were sloping upward, gathering more snow by the minute. Shadows fell from the ranges, darkening the pass even more in the snowstorm.