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RELEASE DAY: Wing-Clipper (For Humans, For Demons, #2) by Nicholas J. Evans

The much anticipated sequel in Nicholas J. Evans' For Humans, For Demons Series—WING-CLIPPER—is finally here!

Jackson Crowe is lost.

Or, at least he was.

The bitter cold of Jackson’s yearning for revenge still pulsates within his chest. While licking the wounds of his last encounter with Carter and Cassiel, Jackson moves in the shadows, on the hunt for the two that escaped him back in New Ashton. He now finds himself in the ruins of New York, stalking Carter's movements while leaving the bodies of Un-Ascended in his wake. With new companions and renewed purpose, Jackson is ready to show Carter why he should have finished the Order of Dust when he had the chance.

But when Azazel the Ender decides to give chase to the escaped plaything with some unlikely allies of his own, Jackson may be little more than the Ender's prey.

Don't miss this tantalizing opportunity to dive back into this gritty world that author Nicholas J. Evans has created in Wing-Clipper (For Humans, For Demons, #2), out NOW! Order your copy TODAY!


For Nicholas J Evans, creativity for the entertainment of others had always been the end goal. At a young age he found that he enjoyed creating characters, and would even put in his sixth grade yearbook that he wanted to become a comic book artist. Later, he found out that it was the characters origins, personality, and future that he enjoyed most which gave way to writing.

Nicholas J Evans was born in March of 1991 in Newburgh, NY, where he spent most of his early years. During his time at school he continued to create his characters as a hobby, and give them small stories to add depth. It was not until his senior year of Highschool that he discovered a love for writing. An assignment was given where students had to re-create nursery rhymes into a 5-page short story, and Nicholas had been given the Muffin Man. He worked on it, then began to doodle a muffin in a Superman-esque costume, and from there his story blossomed. There was an excitement behind this project that was not there before and, regardless of the below average grade, it sprung a new passion. From this moment on he would work on short stories in his spare time, whenever he could. After this, in 2012, he received a degree in Criminal Justice from SUNY Orange.

Music was always a large part of Nicholas’s life, playing instruments at a young age and eventually joining several local bands. In 2011 he co-founded the Post-Hardcore group NoraStone, and the band had gained a small popularity which lead to tours and recording sessions. During this time, Nicholas had been working on short stories on the notes section of his phone, often just pretending to be constantly texting, or even writing them down when he had a chance. Reluctantly, after years of performing and recording, he parted ways with the group in 2017.

Just before that, in 2016, Nicholas had become a father with the birth of his first daughter, Bailee Autumn. Shortly after, he and his fiance, Scarlet, moved from New York and in 2017 they had their second daughter, Logan Melody. During this time, with a new family and a new setting, his writing began to become less of a hobby and more of a main focus. During this time, he worked on the short stories such as Body & Spirit which would go on to win the Blue Rose First Place for Horror, and a Godzilla Noir that won the Kaiju Island Short Fiction Competition. This is also where he would start the work on his debut novel series For Humans, For Demons with volume 1: The Order of Dust. Later, in 2019, they announced their third daughter, Ivy Moon.

Nicholas J Evans has sited inspirations from different sources from music to graphic novels and manga. His biggest influences come from the works of Neil Gaiman, Alan Moore, Clive Barker, and many other fantasy writers and graphic novelists. He can be found on Instagram: @NickEvansSaid.

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