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RELEASE DAY: Wing-Clipper (For Humans, For Demons, #2) by Nicholas J. Evans

The much anticipated sequel in Nicholas J. Evans' For Humans, For Demons Series—WING-CLIPPER—is finally here!

Jackson Crowe is lost.

Or, at least he was.

The bitter cold of Jackson’s yearning for revenge still pulsates within his chest. While licking the wounds of his last encounter with Carter and Cassiel, Jackson moves in the shadows, on the hunt for the two that escaped him back in New Ashton. He now finds himself in the ruins of New York, stalking Carter's movements while leaving the bodies of Un-Ascended in his wake. With new companions and renewed purpose, Jackson is ready to show Carter why he should have finished the Order of Dust when he had the chance.

But when Azazel the Ender decides to give chase to the escaped plaything with some unlikely allies of his own, Jackson may be little more than the Ender's prey.

Don't miss this tantalizing opportunity to dive back into this gritty world that author Nicholas J. Evans has created in Wing-Clipper (For Humans, For Demons, #2), out NOW! Order your copy TODAY!



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