Salt Water Prose: A Guest Post by Mckayla Eaton, Author of SUMMONED

There are trees on Vancouver Island you can stand in. You can look up inside the dark, hollow trunks and smell the moss growing on the ancient bark. You can go kayaking in the Pacific, water clear as glass, only to find, in a matter of seconds, you can’t see the water through the pastel tinted swarm of jellyfish, bobbing like buoys, close enough to touch.

I was born here. 

A league of lighthouses dot the coastline of Nova Scotia, beacons to help ships find their way home--but still there are fisherman funerals every year. There are signs on the massive, slippery wet rocks, warnings not to get to close to the edge because the waves hit harder than you think. When seagulls start wailing and flying inland, a storm is coming. 

I was raised here. 

As a writer, I can’t imagine living anywhere besides Canada. The Tolkienesque mountains and fairy tale forests of the west coast have been an ever present influence on my writing, and the haunted houses and sea shanties of the East never cease fueling my creativity. Both places hold such a strong grip on my heart that when I began writing Summoned I couldn’t decide where I wanted to set it. I compromised; though set in the forests of Vancouver Island my main character is a Bluenoser like me. Alton is Yarmouth born, the same town I grew up in, in a house only a stone’s throw from the sea.