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The Exciting Reveal of the Next Novel in the Children of Erikkson Trilogy—SERAPHIM by E. M. Wright!

We here at The Parliament House are thrilled to reveal a new cover for a much-anticipated release from one of our best-selling authors! E. M. Wright, author of the Children of Erikkson Trilogy, is back with the second in the series! In SERAPHIM, Taryn, the heroine introduced in SEDITION, must grapple with her identity and life-altering decisions. You won't want to miss this exciting new entry in the Children of Erikkson series!

SERAPHIM is coming to bookshelves on May 9, 2023. In the meantime, you can show the author your support by pre-ordering your copy TODAY!


The Black Castle was only the beginning…

Having narrowly escaped enslavement at the hands of the Black Castle, Taryn and Emmett find themselves houseguests of the strangely familiar Lord Erikkson. His claims of benevolence, however, ring hollow amid suspicions of an ulterior motive. Lord Erikkson calls Taryn “Sedition” and says she was built to lead a biomaton rebellion, yet she has no desire to fulfill this role.

But rumors of a mysterious assassin biomaton abound, and with the treatment of biomatons laid bare, Taryn must choose between enslavement and risking her life to become the leader her creator intended. Further complicating matters, Emmett is grappling with sightlessness, and Ace has gone missing, leaving Taryn to juggle caring for her friends with an impossible choice. When Lord Erikkson offers to help one of them in return, she is hard-pressed to refuse to pick up his sword.

Becoming Sedition will mean Taryn must fight to earn every scrap of respect and power needed to achieve her goals. And indeed, the price of freedom is very steep.


E. M. Wright is a writer and editor from Portland, Oregon. She has a Bachelor’s degree in English from Warner Pacific University, and currently works at a small homeschool bookstore. She has two cats, and a thousand imaginary friends. When not writing, she likes art, baking, and long walks with her boyfriend. She’s never taken down a horde thirty of ninjas, but suspects if she had to, she would fail. She’s not an award-winning author (yet), but she did win the Pulitzer prize in her sixth grade classroom for an article on the Chupacabra. Her deep love of storytelling leads her to write everyday, and she firmly believes that sometimes the best way to tell the truth is through fiction. You can find her on Twitter @EMWrightWrites.

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