• Chantal Gadoury

Once Upon a Time . . . Made New: Retelling A Unknown Classic

“Allerlierauh” is one among the unknown and unfamiliar fairy tales in the Grimm Brother’s collection. Charles Perrault wrote his own unique version of the story entitled, “Donkeyskin.” I’ve been entranced with this story since I was a child – completely enraptured by the details of the magical gowns the princess requests and wears to the ball. But there was something about her story that stuck with me throughout my life. When I had the opportunity, I knew it was her story that I wanted to write.


Allerleirauh or “All-Kinds-of-Fur”

When I approached writing my own version of the story, I wanted to stay true to the fairy tale. But I also felt it to be really important to delve deeper into the characters; to explore them and bring their stories to life. With many hours of research into the tale, and different elements of the “historical romance” genre, the finished result is what is now my novel. I thought it would be interesting to show the differences from the original fairy tale to my own! I hope this shows the journey of exploring characters and developing a richer “setting.”

Allerleirauh vs. Princess Aurelia

Originally, the Princess in the fairy tale doesn’t have much character development. She’s a young girl who is sough after her father. I really wanted to explore what that would mean to someone; to have to face the difficulty of an abusive father, and growing from that. So many youn