• Chantal Gadoury

Budding Author Chantal Gadoury Talks Marketing in the Indie Book Landscape


It’s one of those words that when you hear it, as an author – you kinda cringe. Or maybe that’s just me. When I published my first novel, I didn’t know anything about marketing, the writing world, or what my publishing company would expect from me. I suppose I thought – “I’ll just buy an ad on Facebook, and that’ll get my book to everyone that I can’t reach, and it’ll happen overnight!” Bing-Bang-Boom – insta-famous, insta-rich.

Four years later, I’ve learned better. Some of you might say I had a reality check.

Marketing is rough. Marketing is tedious. But marketing can be really fun… and can REALLY open up doors in meeting new people who love books, just like you! Sounds like the perfect relationship, right?

I don’t have any “Order now and learn how to be successful at marketing” tips, but I can tell you what I’ve done to help promote my two novels, “Allerleirauh,” and “The Songs in Our Hearts,” and share what has worked for me.

1) Get yourself two separate accounts for Instagram (if you already have a personal account.)

One can be private and centered on your personal life that you can continue to share with your friends and family. I have my personal account private, so that you have to request to join. It gives me more control as to who can see my personal life, and what lines I want to draw in the sand between readers / bloggers and myself. While I wouldn’t consider myself a super private person, I do want to respect my family and respect the memory of my lost loved ones by not spreading their faces everywhere, all the time. In this day and age, it’s really important to keep your children safe (thankfully, I don’t have any), animals, family members… and that can be a really important driving force in creating a new account. Your author account can be completely about your book. Promotions. You reading. Writing. Music you’re listening to. Of course, add in things about a family trip – spending a lazy day in front of the TV… but keep things ENGAGING with your readers. This is how you start interactions with them. They don’t want to see personal things every day. (They’re not your family.) I’ve found that when I start posting more personal things in a row, I lose followers. But when I have a steady stream of music, books, pictures of books – infographics – it lures them, and others in. Utilize that “story” feature that Instagr