Acquisition Announcement: M. Dalto & Watty-Award-Winning Debut "Two Thousand Years"

With our fall season currently in full-swing, our authors here at The Parliament House have garnered a number of recent successes. (Congratulations to Chantal Gadoury for recently becoming an Amazon Bestselling Author and selling over 100 copies of "Allerleirauh" in its first week!) After the recent release of Wildwood by Jadie Jones and with the release of Blue Bottle Tree right around the corner, we are excited by our quickly-expanding family!

And now we get to add an award-winning author to our band of awesome and creative misfits!

The Parliament House is thrilled to announce the acquisition of M. Dalto's Watty-Award-Winning (Wattpad Award) debut novel TWO THOUSAND YEARS, which will release toward the end of 2018!