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The Sorting Hat Houses Our Editors...

As bookish people, we're sure most of you out there have taken your turn under the Sorting Hat and now have a pretty good idea about where you belong in the Wizarding World.

Recently, we put our very own Parliament House editors to the test and the Sorting Hat was compelled to, once again, voice its opinion. Here's what it had to say...

Jen Castleberry

Hello everyone! My name is Jen Castleberry. I’m the author of A Wild and Unremarkable Thing, a YA Fantasy in which a girl, forcibly disguised as a boy, encounters a prince, a god, and a spiraling sociopath on her way to slay a dragon.

I’m also a Content Editor with Parliament House Publishing. I’m here to offer constructive feedback and actionable insights to make your work the best that it can be!

According to Pottermore, I’m a Hufflepuff. Unsurprising, as I get a great sense of fulfillment out of helping others! I’m chronically clumsy and would be last-pick for Quidditch every time, which I suppose is decidedly Hufflepuff, too. However, Hufflepuffs are notoriously humble, and I have a fairly practical sense of my strengths and weaknesses. I love flora, fauna, and friendliness, and aside from feeling slightly claustrophobic at the idea of living underground, I think I’d make a very happy Hufflepuffian!


Alice J. Black

Many moons ago I completed the quizzes that everybody was doing and (though I may have fixed the answers somewhat) I ended up in Gryffindor! I was stoked. To be considered one of the brave and of course be alongside the likes of Harry, Ron and Hermione was amazing! However, I come back to this several years later with a view to completing the quiz a little more truthfully (and a hope to find out a little more about myself!)

I went through the Sorting Hat trial and I came out a Ravenclaw! What an honour!

Ravenclaw traits are defined as intelligent, wise, sharp, witty and individual. Would I class myself as that? Certainly I'd say some of them. I'm intelligent, though probably not the sharpest tool in the box at times. I'm quite well-educated but have often been told I have no street sense - I would tend to agree with that mostly. I'm certainly not the wittiest though I can appreciate a good joke and wise? Well, that conjures images of aged men and women with grey hair and I'm not there yet though I'd like to think that I can take a question or a situation and look at it through all possible point of views to come to the best conclusion. I'm not one to be spontaneous, rather, I'd like to sit and think about something and weigh up the options.

Individual, however, I would say entirely yes! I've been described as quirky (at best) and downright weird but I adopt all such titles with a smile. I've always been the black sheep amongst my friends and family and while, when I was younger, I struggled with this a lot in terms of finding my identity, I have found that age and time have given me the confidence and ability to accept who I really am and be happy in my own skin. Who is that? Well I'm a thirty year old woman living in the UK with her two (ferocious) cats and partner. I work as a support worker and every spare minute I have is taken up with writing or editing or reading or something else creative. I love getting stuck into a new project and have found a new passion in bullet journaling - a great way to keep everything together. I recently got an Alice in Wonderland half-sleeve for my birthday and will never turn down the opportunity to get a piercing, go to the cinema or a heavy metal gig.

Do I think I'm a Ravenclaw? Through and through!


Gabby Matlock

My name is Gabby, and the Sorting Hat hat has placed me in Ravenclaw.

That's not what I was expecting, as I'm not the most studious person around. Especially when I was in school. However, when it comes to learning about things that really interest me, I want to know everything there is to know about it. I've been known to spend hours researching random, odd things. I guess "odd" is the key word. So many times I feel like I'm the oddest person in the room or that I have nothing in common with any of them. I feel like a black sheep, and I'm drawn to other black sheep. So, I think that makes Ravenclaw a pretty good fit for me.


Maria P

Here's my write-up on my Hogwarts House. I'm a fellow Hufflepuff!

When I first took the Pottermore quiz to determine my house, I was on my lunch break with my three coworkers. We all took it together. Two were sorted into Ravenclaw; the other went to Hufflepuff. Then they joked that it would be funny if I got Slytherin because I don't think anyone really could see me there if you go off of what you see in the movies or read the books without reading what they say about the house in Pottermore. So I took the test. Pottermore let me choose: Ravenclaw or Slytherin. I chose Ravenclaw, but I probably fit Slytherin better (of the two) because I am ambitious and proud, and I guess you could say I'm cunning, too, but I'm not doing any of it in the stereotypical way of Slytherin. That's not to say I don't value wit, learning, and wisdom. I was my college valedictorian, so I definitely see the merit in all of that, but I know that there's more to life than that. I'd probably be friends with Luna, so I was fine being in Ravenclaw.

When Pottermore relaunched, I re-registered and took the sorting quiz again.

The results this time? Hufflepuff. Maybe it happened because of some monumental psyche change after turning 30, or maybe it was because it didn't ask me what goblet I'd drink from. I avoided the drink that smelled like chocolate and plums because I don't like plums. I wonder if that's what swayed my results the first time just enough to tip the scales away from Hufflepuff.

I'm definitely a Hufflepuff, and I have fully embraced it. It suits me. I like that people think I'm nice. I'm loyal and hardworking and have a big issue when things aren't fair. I think the Hufflepuff common room would suit me best too. The yellow, the wood detailings, its proximity to the kitchen.

In the last nearly two years, I've only gotten Hufflepuff in any of the fan-made quizzes, except the one time my result was Slytherpuff (it was the one about finding your combination house).



Mary Bernsen

"Hey writers/readers! My name is Mary Bernsen and I'm the acquisitions

editor for Parliament House Press. I'm also a multi-published author and lover of all things fairy and mermaid. Now, time for a confession, fellow book addicts. I have never read nor watched anything to do with Harry Potter. I know, I know. Shame on me! I've been meaning to jump on the bandwagon, but it keeps missing me. That said, I'm told by the forces that are BuzzFeed I belong to the house of Ravenclaw, and after reading the description I think it suits me perfectly! I mean, my nose is always in a book. In school, it wasn't the latest party I was concerned with - it was that test that I absolutely had to get an A on or my life will be over. I'd rather watch a documentary than just about anything else. Yep. I'm an nerd, and that's okay because now I can just say, "Hey! I'm a Ravenclaw".



I’m a Slytherin! And I knew I was when I first read the books in middle school.

I’ve always been very ambitious, my greatest fear was always failure and I remember always wishing for sucesss on birthday candles and stars.

I also LOVE loopholes. I love finding the ways I can get what I want when someone’s told me that I can’t. This became most obvious when in high school my best friend’s mother told us we weren’t aloud to skip church to sneak next door and buy ice cream at the 7-11, so I bought the ice cream before service and we ate it in the church lobby instead.

I’m also fiercely loyal to those who have earned it, I’m not passive aggressive about standing up for what I want or how people should be treated- but if I’m betrayed I also have no qualms about writing those people out of my life.

-Samantha Shirder



I’ve been placed in every house except Slytherin. Pottermore says that I’m a

Gryffindor. Buzzfeed and my friends say that I’m a Ravenclaw. But I’ve always felt like I was a Hufflepuff. I think I’ve been placed in Gryffindor because I believe in chivalry and justice. I will always fight for what I think is right. As for Ravenclaw, I’ve always loved learning and books. And I’ve always thought I was a Hufflepuff because loyalty is very important to me. I do not back down from hard work. In fact, if something is easy, it almost doesn’t feel worth it. If I really was a wizard and was to be sorted, I would ask the sorting hat for Hufflepuff. They just seem like really good people to surround yourself with and I strive to be more like them.


It should also be noted that The Parliament House was founded by a Ravenclaw, securing our status as the seekers of stories dark and eclectic. Don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter for more fun updates and blogs like this one!


Shayne Leighton

House President

& Resident Ravenclaw

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