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The Ghost Story Continues! Book Four is Here!

The legacy of Peyton and the team continue! Release day is upon us and Book Four in the Soul Seekers Saga, DEAD DRUNK, is available now!

Peyton has found sobriety and launched her ghost-hunting business, Soul Seekers, only to discover things aren't as easy as they might have seemed. The stress between her and her best friend and business partner, Olivia, is beginning to take its toll when they land their first official case. Peyton comes face to face with not only a spirit, but her own personal demons in her assignment to clear a house. Will she manage to ward them both off before they destroy her?


Prequel: The Leak of Madness

1: The Darkness Within

2: The Room of Arches

3: The Beginning

4: Dead Drunk

Don't forget to leave your review for Alice J. Black, and the Soul Seekers gang!

Peyton and her spirits appreciate it! 👻⻤⻤

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