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Month of Charms: Love Spells—If, When, and How

"Love, that is day and night - love, that is sun and moon and stars, Love, that is crimson, sumptuous, sick with perfume, no other words but words of love, no other thought but love."
Whitman, Walt. "The Mystic Trumpeter." Leaves of Grass, pub. 1855.
Of all the reasons people tend to gravitate toward magic, the most prominent has always been love. Certainly, the notion of attracting love, seeking forgiveness, or mending your broken heart through means of sprinkled salt and whispered word whilst surrounded by candles sounds enticing. But is it safe and practical? Sometimes, but not always.
Personally, I believe one should never focus their time and magic on making a particular person love them. Love is founded in free will, and if it is not free will then, my dear, it must not be love. However, there are instances in which a "love spell" can help the caster position their heart in the right place again.
Letting go of the past: Cord Cutting Spell
It is appropriate and ideal, even, to use a spell to get rid of residual romantic energies that may be preventing you from moving on. We want to come to terms with things weighing us down, which no longer serve—and even block—our greater purpose, clarity of mind, and future success.
This is a simple spell that can be performed at home. Try to save it for a full moon, as this is when our intentions and emotions may be magnified.
A bundle of sage/ cedar wood/ incense/ essential oils to smudge your space
One white candle
One bowl of water
Three 9-inch strands of yarn: red (passion, fire, flame), blue (communication, clarity, water), and white (purity, intention).
First, light your candle and set your bowl of water opposite (exact position does not matter in this spell). If using a smudge stick to burn, use the flame of your white candle to do so, allowing the smoke to drift o