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Month of Charms: Love Spells—If, When, and How

"Love, that is day and night - love, that is sun and moon and stars, Love, that is crimson, sumptuous, sick with perfume, no other words but words of love, no other thought but love."
Whitman, Walt. "The Mystic Trumpeter." Leaves of Grass, pub. 1855.
Of all the reasons people tend to gravitate toward magic, the most prominent has always been love. Certainly, the notion of attracting love, seeking forgiveness, or mending your broken heart through means of sprinkled salt and whispered word whilst surrounded by candles sounds enticing. But is it safe and practical? Sometimes, but not always.
Personally, I believe one should never focus their time and magic on making a particular person love them. Love is founded in free will, and if it is not free will then, my dear, it must not be love. However, there are instances in which a "love spell" can help the caster position their heart in the right place again.
Letting go of the past: Cord Cutting Spell
It is appropriate and ideal, even, to use a spell to get rid of residual romantic energies that may be preventing you from moving on. We want to come to terms with things weighing us down, which no longer serve—and even block—our greater purpose, clarity of mind, and future success.
This is a simple spell that can be performed at home. Try to save it for a full moon, as this is when our intentions and emotions may be magnified.
A bundle of sage/ cedar wood/ incense/ essential oils to smudge your space
One white candle
One bowl of water
Three 9-inch strands of yarn: red (passion, fire, flame), blue (communication, clarity, water), and white (purity, intention).
First, light your candle and set your bowl of water opposite (exact position does not matter in this spell). If using a smudge stick to burn, use the flame of your white candle to do so, allowing the smoke to drift over and under your work space. Then, take your three strands of yarn and tie them into a single knot at the bottom end. Begin to braid the three strands while thinking of your past flame, and why it no longer works. Try your best to focus this energy not in anger, hurt, or resentment, but in indifferent observation. Braid it all the way, and knot at the other end when you are done. This braided cord represents the past that binds you. You may sit and meditate with the cord, even choosing to express gratitude for this love that might've transformed into a positive life lesson, after all was said and done. When you feel ready—this is crucial—and only when you are ready, carefully hold the cord above the flame, and let it burn.
When you feel like the cord is destroyed enough, gather all the ash and remaining length of string (you don't need to burn the entire thing, as to avoid singeing your fingers). Either immediately after your ritual or the following morning, dig a small hole outside and discard the ash and string. After you cover it back up, pour the ritual water over the mound.
When your ritual is complete, you have two choices. You can choose to reopen the same wound and ruminate on what it is you have just released, or you can accept the change that needs to occur and concentrate on being present with your thoughts. If you struggle with this, that's okay. Take time brewing a warm cup of your favorite tea... This leads into our next suggested ritual!
As it has been famously said, love is the thing which makes life worth living. This is true, but it becomes difficult to begin and maintain relationships when we don't love ourselves, first. This isn't really magic, as much as it is a list of well-intended tips and tricks that just might seem like witchcraft when you realize how light you can feel afterward.
Clear your clutter. I know, I know; the mid-week workload can seem too overwhelming to even consider doing a household deep clean. But on your weekends, try to organize one corner of a room at a time, starting with your bedroom and working your way out. Our bedrooms are supposed to be a sanctuary, an alcove for when the dashing villains and frog princes of the world stress us out—and it can't be that way when it is ridden with clothes and snack wrappers. *Takes own advice*
Skin care is soul care. This has nothing to do with makeup or outer aesthetic, but face and hair masks are often pleasing to the skin as well as our emotions. Most of them contain essential oils and perfumes that work our limbic system—the tiny part of our brain anatomy that affects emotional health. Light some candles to chase the shadows from your room and throw on your favorite face mask.
Of course, there are multiple facets of self-love, and it would be shallow to think that all of them are fixed or invigorated by something as trivial as tidying and a home facial. Eat well, think well. Unclench your jaw, sit up straight, and loosen your shoulders. Be conscious of your thoughts and ignore those that don't serve you, and please do make sure you're getting 6-8 cups of water a day.
These are only a small start. You want to light your inner spark that will glow bright enough, so that it becomes near-impossible for your prince or princess charming to miss out on. Life, after all, is all about owning our past and present, good and bad, in order to open ourselves up to the Happily Ever After we all deserve. And that, my friends, is magic.
As always, Happy Casting...
The Attic Witch
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