Why We Need Independent Publishers

And why you should help one amazing SFF indie press.

The Parliament House Press brings a Manhattan quality aesthetic to independent traditional publishing. The Parliament House Press specializes in a niche SFF market and strives to be the Guillermo del Toro of the indie publishing world. If you enjoy what they do as much as I do, please consider becoming a patron HERE to get exclusive inside peeks at special content, unreleased projects, and behind-the-scenes details. You will also qualify for curated prizes and, depending on your tier, free e-books!

Why join Parliament House’s Patreon?

So, here’s the thing: I have beef with the Big 6. Sure, they’ve done a lot to give authors a livelihood, but those days are slowly disappearing. The primary concern of Big 6 publishers is maximizing profits, and this has come at the expense of writers, editors, agents, and small publishers. Yes, publishers need to make money, but they should do so without exploiting those who make it possible. The Big 6 have essentially monopolized the market by making sure only their books get shelved in brick and mortar stores. They do this in several ways, but I’m going to discuss one here: ISBN and EAN barcodes.