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HAPPY RELEASE DAY: Starfall (The Starlight Chronicles, #0.2) by P.S. Malcolm

Centuries have passed since Adrina's death, and Julian—now Jason—has dedicated himself to redemption in her honour. She and the Starlight Princess have been reincarnated, and Julian must face his haunted past in P.S. Malcolm's second Starlight Chronicles novella, STARFALL, available NOW!

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Thousands of centuries have passed since Adrina's death, and Julian--now Jason--has dedicated himself to redemption in her honour. When he discovers Adrina and the Starlight Princess have reincarnated, he vows to keep them undiscovered by staying far away. That is, until he is forced to gain the trust of the angels, leaving him no choice but to risk everything and finally face his haunted past. Devian never saw a future for himself, doing everything he could to ensure his sister had one instead. But when he falls into a Shadeow vow with his sworn enemy, he finds himself tangled up with the one girl he could never have--and desiring a new life he never allowed himself to dream of. Together, everything will fall apart--and yet, fall into place, aligning the stars for a new era of magic, rulership, and romance to unfold... A Starlight Chronicles Novella


P.S.Malcolm (Pagan) grew up in Proserpine, Queensland— a small, Australian country town on the edge of the Great Barrier Reef. She was a storyteller from a young age and spent years perfecting her craft.

For two years, she juggled waitressing in tourist-filled coffee shops while undertaking two degrees in Creative Writing online— one specializing in children's fiction and publishing. She has always had an interest in writing but never saw herself working in the industry until she made the choice to self-publish her debut novel, STUCK ON VACATION WITH RYAN RUPERT. Realizing that she loved the process of publishing her book, she pursued an internship at a publishing house and snagged a spot as Pen Name Publishing's Marketing Assistant Intern.

In between interning and writing, Pagan started her online business Paperback Kingdom and is now a copywriter and coach for ambitious fiction authors like herself— helping them to tell and sell their stories. 

Pagan is a cat enthusiast, tea lover, and floral fanatic. She keeps a well-stocked tea collection, and if the 'florals' weren't a dead giveaway, she's a proud Hufflepuff and is crazy about the colour yellow.

Pagan also enjoys reading— particularly fantasy and paranormal. Some of her favourite and most influential authors include Amanda Gernentz Hanson, A.G. Howard, Marissa Meyer and Michele Jaffe.

Her latest and bestselling fantasy novel, LANTERNS IN THE SKY, was published The Parliament House Publishing in 2019. Get instant access the first three chapters for free!

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