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Release Day: Hell At Halfingdon Asylum by Alice J. Black

It is the second to last entry in the Soul Seekers Series diary! Today marks the official release of BOOK NINE in the multi-part novella series! And we are so excited for its culmination coming later this year!

Today, Hell At Halfingdon Asylum by Alice J. Black is available exclusively from Kindle Unlimited!

And stay tuned for the omnibus coming very soon in print!

Peyton is asked to work on her hardest case for Soul Seekers yet as she’s called to Halfingdon Asylum to clear it of spirit energy before it’s converted into an office building. She has her reservations from the start but keeps them from Jake, her partner, as the investigation is underway. However, the asylum isn’t going to give up easily, and Peyton will not only need to save herself from the darkness that seems hell bent on keeping her locked inside but figure a way out of the building before it’s too late…

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