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RELEASE DAY: Facing the Torment by Alice J. Black

Facing the Torment by Alice J. Black is the final installment in her eleven-book Soul Seekers Series. We can't believe it, but the end for Peyton and her ghosts is finally here...

The prequel novella, The Leak of Madness is available now on Amazon, making this series perfectly binge-worthy from now until Halloween...

The Soul Seekers will haunt your virtual bookshelf. Peyton battles addition and seeing dead people while taking readers on her awesome ghost-hunting escapades.

It all boils down to this: Peyton has been hounded by Vic Reeves to return to the funeral parlour that used to be her home, years ago. It houses so many memories, nightmares, and spirits…but as Peyton comes to the understanding that she needs to face her fears—and her past—she is thrust into a darkness so impenetrable she fears she might never escape…

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