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RELEASE DAY: Inside by D.M. Siciliano

Inside by D.M. Siciliano brings back nostalgic 1980's horror, invoking Stephen King himself in a tale featuring the classic kids on bikes explore haunted things trope that we all love so dearly

1987 “Does it burn in the dark?” Reid is a bully, but he’s still Alex’s best friend. When Reid pushes Alex and their friends into invading a historically haunted Massachusetts house, Alex knows it’s a terrible idea, but indulges his friend. What could go wrong? Inside, a mysterious Shadow looms in the darkness. The door to the house vanishes, leaving them trapped. The group flees through the tiny, one-roomed house that defies logic, constantly shifting, presenting them with new doors, hallways, and rooms that seem to be plucked from their memories and fears. One by one, the Shadow hunts them, intent on burning them all from within. Is there any way to escape? Or will they be burned from the inside out?

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