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RELEASE DAY: Inside by D.M. Siciliano

An Unholy Magick by Kali Rose Schmidt is a fiercely-written dark fantasy that will make readers question every page turn. A story with world-building that is as deliciously lush as it is dangerous...

Available NOW wherever books are sold online!

She’s an assassin with a gift her parents died for. He’s a reluctant prince content to drink himself into oblivion. And hiding in plain sight amongst them both, a monster is searching for redemption. In a kingdom where magick is forbidden and spoken of only in whispers, they must each face their own demons, walking the line between loyalty and betrayal. Enter a dark new world full of forbidden love, painful loss, and a growing war between those with power and those who crave it. An Unholy Magick is a bloody and spell-binding fantasy debut, the first from Kali Rose Schmidt’s shadowy series, Vile Sacraments.


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